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Entry #2

Review Requests

2010-02-26 12:22:03 by Imperator

You may PM me at any time for preferential "take a number" treatment for getting your work reviewed by me. I will tell you where you stand in the pecking order.

Works I have reviewed:

Sinfulwolf - War of the Damned Ch 1

OrgasmWoodChipper - Puke Cat

Dubbi - Bliss Is No More

Dubbi- Autumn's Rebellious Leaves

WritersBlock - A Fear of Great Heights

Ipfann2 - Chapter 5: The Sacrifice


Dubbi - Teenage Angst And Stupidity


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2010-03-22 21:45:20

any of those worth reading?

Imperator responds:

I like Puke Cat the best. Definitely the most fun story I've read here, hands down.

Dubbi can be a little dry, but his stuff isn't bad. Autumn's Rebellious Leaves would be my recommendation.

WritersBlock has a nice, elegant yet simple sorta style. A Fear of Great Heights wasn't bad, but I hear Flonkerton is better (I just haven't had the opportunity to read it).

You can tell by the misspelled title symbolcymbal is not so good.

Ipfann's chapter was pretty action packed, if somewhat erratic and skeletal.

If you're gonna read one, my first choice is Puke Cat.


2010-03-23 07:09:31

wait so puke cat isn't the full story?

Imperator responds:

well the full title is "Puke Cat and the Dangerous Dick Slugs", and he's got 9 chapters up.

He's definitely still writing it, but hasn't posted anything new since the first 9 chapters. Think he was trying to get it published.

Either way, click the link and read it.
Puke Cat is worth reading.


2010-05-01 21:19:05

YOU reviewed them?

Well now that they've been tainted, I'll sure to start a bonfire to throw things into.


2010-08-20 14:10:01


Imperator responds:

que pasa?